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The Story of Our Little Home


Meet Maria

For Little Town Cottage Founder, Maria Rodriguez, entrepreneurship has always been a way of life for her family. The daughter of a hard-working Filipino family, Maria credits her mom, in particular, with imparting the mentality of a true businesswoman. Beyond seeing her business thrive and succeed, Maria’s personal goal is to build a business that she can pass on to her children. Driven by her deep hunger to learn, Maria has a bachelor’s degree in Business Management with some experience in Real Estate and Interior Design. She moved to Whidbey Island in 2016 along with her fiance and now, husband, Michael, who's in the military and stationed, after falling in love with the community.

Little Town Cottage LLC started in mid-June of 2018. She chose the name “Little Town Cottage” because it reminded her of home back in the Philippines. Little Town Cottage started selling home decor, gift ideas, and body products but her customers fell in love with Maria's creations especially in body products as it expanded and that's why Little Town Cottage successfully became what it is as it continues to grow today. 

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